Establishing Unity Through Community Service



UMF is a team made up of Muslims of every sect and culture working together and Celebrating Diversity in Islam.


UMF Promotes Islamic Awareness, runs a UMF Guides Program for Youth and offers Annual Scholarships for Education.

Community Service

UMF Serves the Local Needy and provides Muslim Teens Counseling.

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UMF is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies on your contributions to really Make a Difference in people lives.                


  • UMF Unity

    UMF volunteers run Da'wah Booths and go out to Churches, Schools and Universities to present Islam, United as Muslims. UMF hosts Unity events like Intra-faith Iftars, Picnics, and BBQ-off and has even rented out Theme Parks like Fun Spot and Universal's Islands of Adventure exclusively for Eid Celebrations attended by thousands of Muslims and enjoyed with family, food and most importantly Muslims United, having fun and praying side by side.

  • UMF Hunger Team

    UMF Hungerteam feeds the homeless and hungry monthly at soup kitchens and delivers food to the needy twice a week all year round. UMF volunteers also pick fruits and vegetables at local farms to donate to the needy, collect food, clothes and school supplies to donate to schools and shelters, help out at orphanages and with abused children, run marathons to help those who are sick and needy and much more.  To sign up to volunteer or for more information Click Here



  • UMF Teen Portal

    UMF has partnered with KidsPeace to launch a Muslim Teen Portal on TeenCentral.Net

    This Muslim Portal is based in UMF's Virtual Mosque on Faith Street and provides anonymous, safe cyberspace, where Muslim Teens can post their concerns and receive guidance from Muslim Youths, trained informally to counsel. 

    The website is professionally monitored by experts in psychology as well as Muslim administrators. 


  • UniTea Campaign


    The UniTea Campaign is a joint effort by the United Muslim Foundation (UMF), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) that brings together Sunni and Shia Muslims of diverse backgrounds committed to promoting intra-faith cooperation, dialogue, community service and community development.

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